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In relation to a rock show, this term usually means musical instruments, instrument amplifiers, microphones, drums, cables, or sound systems. This may also include structures such as stages, barriers, stairs, platforms, lighting, backdrops, stage props, and the most underrated piece of equipment, the mic stand.

To better understand what minimal equipment is necessary for a rock show, we shall use and refer to the following example of putting a show on the Moon.

Assumptions before we continue:
1) the moon has an atmosphere on this day
2) the moon has normal gravity on this day
3) it is a 'nice day' on the moon
4) 10,000 humans are semi-gathered, patiently awaiting 'rock'
5) All the 'equipment' necessary for this show is in a hanger in the proximity of the 10,000 humans
6) the Hanger is solar powered and serves as a very reliable and strong power source up to 3 mile radius
7) Dave Rat is standing outside the hanger with the keys

note: Im beginning to think a 'SimRockShow' would be a cool spin off of 'SimCity'. You start with a hanger full of equipment and 10,000 people, the goal is not make their ears bleed, and make them buy merch and concessions.

The Stage

Stages are usually built out of ???? and are made in pieces which can be connected by ?????. Stage location has probably got some important significance that can drastically alter the outcome of a rock show, however, I cannot elaborate on any super-fundamental rules as I am a novice on this subject.

1) Find a suitable level location with enough room for the entire stage plus extra room for sound system equipment and human barriers.
2) Usually stages are best set at the bottom of a hill, facing the hill.

The Backline

The backline usually refers to the equipment used by the band. These are usually guitar and bass amplifiers, piano or keyboard amplifiers, drums and percussion, and any other equipment that may need to be presented to the audience in a listenable fashion.

The Sound System

This system delivers the sound of the performers on stage to the audience. Sound system equipment can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and brands.

The Monitoring System

This system is the sound system that delivers sound to the performers on stage. This system is where many start and only the bold stay. (At least by choice) Most common systems are fold back loudspeakers providing personalize (hopefully...) mixes to performer and In-Ear monitors which are worn - wait for it - in a performers ears.

The Power Source

I know nothing about correctly connecting a rock show to a power system, other than don't daisy chain power strips off one outlet.


but don't forget...


The Beer Garden


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